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ChefDELIVERED is here to help!

"We take some of the work off your plate, by putting food on the table"


Ordering online only

takes a few minutes! 


No minimum order required.

Multiple serving size options available per meal.




Each week we release a new menu to keep things fresh and fun.

We guarantee you and your family will love our new recipes and existing favorites!


We intentionally design our menus to have the perfect balance of variety with 

healthfully selected ingredients including lean proteins, 

whole grains, fresh fruits

and fresh vegetables.

We can accommodate

any dietary restrictions or 

intolerance and most food lifestyle choices.


Your meals are prepared with love by our family for you and your family!

Our team of chefs are highly trained, experienced and 

dedicated to create the most flavorful and well prepared meals possible!


Why choose ChefDELIVERED?


If you live a busy lifestyle, and struggle to balance work,

family, and a personal life then you understand the struggles

of finding time to cook and prepare healthy meals for your family! 


We take some of the stress off your plate by bringing healthy,

affordable & convenient fully cooked gourmet meals

direct to your door with a smile!


-No grocery shopping-

-No preparation- 

-No cooking- 

-No cleaning- 

-No stress- 

-Simply heat & eat-


Order, chef, meal, delivery, lakeway, austin, catering
Order, chef, meal, delivery, lakeway, austin, catering
Order, chef, meal, delivery, lakeway, austin, catering

- Every Monday post a new menu available for delivery the following Monday.

- Click the big red button to browse through our meal options!
- Order the meals that appeal most to you and your family.

- Orders are accepted Monday morning through Friday at Midnight.


- Meals are made fresh every Sunday in our certified commercial kitchen by our experienced staff.

- Meals are made with your family in mind; healthy, affordable & convenient.
- Meals are packaged in a convenient reheat-able container. 

- We offer single servings, and family size servings!

- Meals are DELIVERED Monday for the beginning of your school/work week.

- Your meals will be delivered to your home in our own packaging.

- Simply heat your meal directly in its convenient reheatable container.

- Properly refrigerated meals will last at least 5 days.

- Enjoy your DELIVERED meal with friends and family & check back on Monday for the next menu!


Click Map below to see our current delivery area:

More Questions? Check out our FAQ!

Please note that our current delivery area is limited!

Orders placed outside the delivery area are not guaranteed.

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